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Traderce cryptocurrency traderce will list Linear (LINA) in the innovation zone. Buy LINA tokens with BNB at 30% off before trading using the Launchpad subscription format!

Dear Community Members, is pleased to once again introduce the Launchpad subscription format as part of our Standard Listing Process for Linear (LINA). Users will be able to purchase LINA tokens for BNB with a 30% discount prior to trading. The subscription period will start shortly, 18.03.2021 at 8:00, and will be open for 4 hours. The recording of BNB balances for this session has already been completed, it was carried out for 7 days, from 03/11/2021 3:00 AM to 3/18/2021 3:00 AM. As reported in a previous Launchpad announcement, recording of BNB balances could begin before the announcement is made. will list Linear (LINA) in the innovation zone and open trading in LINA / BTC, LINA / BUSD and LINA / USDT pairs on 03/18/2021 at 15:00. Users can already start depositing LINA tokens in preparation for trading. Discount sale information for LINA: Token name: Linear (LINA) Maximum Discount Sale Fees: $ 1,800,000 Discounted token price: 1 LINA = 0.00031044 BNB (0.08537279 $, with a BNB price of $ 275) Maximum limit per user: 35,140 LINA ($ 3,000 or 10.90909091 BNB, at $ 275 BNB) Total Token Offered: 21,084,000 LINA (0.21084% of the total token supply)

Total token supply: 10,000,000,000 LINA Current circulating supply: 1,541,731,678 LINA (15.4% of the total token supply as of 03/18/2021) Discount Sale Format: Subscription Sale only in BNB For instructions on how to participate, see the guide and FAQ for the subscription format. Subscription Schedule: BNB Settlement Period 03/11/2021 03:00 AM – 03/18/2021 03:00 AM: During this period, users’ BNB balances were calculated by hourly snapshots for each day in a 7-day period. Your final daily average BNB balance for those 7 days will determine the maximum amount of BNB you can claim later.

Subscription period 03/18/2021 8:00 AM – 03/18/2021 12:00 PM: At this time, all eligible users will have a 4 hour subscription. Users must also sign a Token Purchase Agreement before allocating BNB. Please note that as soon as you allocate BNB they will be blocked; you will not be able to redeem them or access other features such as transfers, withdrawals or trading until the final distribution of the tokens. Billing period 03/18/2021 12:00 – 03/18/2021 13:00: the subscription is closed and the calculation of the distribution of tokens begins. You can read the detailed calculation rules here.

Final Token Distribution 03/18/2021 1:00 PM: The final token distribution for you will be calculated and the corresponding amount of BNB will be deducted from your blocked BNBs. Once debited, your LINA and BNB tokens will be credited to your spot wallet.