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The beta version of the decentralized TelosTask platform for job search has been launched

The beta version of the decentralized TelosTask platform for job search has been launched

Startup Telos has introduced the TelosTask peer-to-peer platform on its blockchain. The platform is designed to help freelancers find jobs during the pandemic.

The head of the TelosTask development team, Destiny Marshall, said that the platform will function on the basis of the Telos blockchain. Telos is a fork of the EOS project and runs on the EOSIO software.

According to the principles of operation, the TelosTask service will not differ from the usual exchanges for remote work search. Customers will be able to create various tasks for writing articles, graphic design, video editing, etc. Customers will be able to directly contact the performers and coordinate their work, while all information about their interaction will be stored in the blockchain.

Marshall hopes that TelosTask will help people solve the problem of unemployment and more easily overcome the economic downturn and isolation during the pandemic, as people need additional sources of income. The escrow system will be used to make secure automatic payments on the platform. In addition, the use of smart contracts will guarantee timely payments and fair remuneration for the work performed.

Telos is not the only project that uses the capabilities of the blockchain to solve social problems. Last year, the bitJob platform was launched on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain for job search. There is also a platform called Freelance for Coins, which allows freelancers to receive payments in various cryptocurrencies.

According to a study by the firm Humans, conducted two years ago, 29% of the 1,100 American citizens surveyed who work remotely are willing to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. However, given the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry, today this figure may be much higher.