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On November 13, Moscow will host a meeting of the DAO Consensus community

On November 13, Moscow will host a meeting of the DAO Consensus community

As part of the DAO Consensus community meetup, industry leaders will talk about the secrets of effective mining, discuss the prospects for NFT as a new class of virtual assets, and talk about the possibilities of the DAO.

There will be three discussion panels around these topics-mining, DeFi & NFT, and DAO. What can you earn in mining today, how to maximize profits and avoid financial losses? What is an immutable NFT token and what are the prospects for collecting digital objects? Also, the participants of the meetup will learn all about the features of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The bonus will be a presentation of the DAO Consensus community, the founder of which will talk about the possibilities of the network community and how to improve your financial situation by becoming a digital consultant, or using other resources of the DAO community. The program also awards the best digital consultants and speakers.


Ilya Churakov, Founder of DAO Consensus

Nikita Ovchinnik, Development Director at 1inch. exchange

Oleg Ivanov, Founder and CEO of InvestBazar Fund

Leonid Morozovsky, Co-founder of Berezka DAO

Philip Modnov, CEO of LAZM

Eremin Artem, representative of the company importing miners to Russia Chilkoot

Andrey Voronkov, UniDao team member

Igor Runets, founder and CEO of the BitRiver data center

Gleb Kostarev, representative of the Binance exchange in Russia and the CIS

Denis Smirnov, UniDAO contributor and blockchain consultant

Roman Kaufman, co-founder of Berezka DAO

DAO Consensus meetup – cryptocurrency traders, investors, entrepreneurs, project managers, startup founders, representatives of exchanges and wallets who want to learn about new market opportunities. Guests will enjoy a welcome area with drinks, networking and a rousing after-party. An online broadcast of the event will also be available.

Time and venue: November 13, 18: 30. Leningradsky Prospekt, 36, p. 11, SOK Rybakov Tower coworking.

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