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The hacker who hacked the DeFi Value protocol returned DAI worth $95,000

The hacker who hacked the DeFi Value protocol returned DAI worth $95,000

An attacker who attacked the DeFi Value protocol and stole $6 million worth of crypto assets returned $95,000 worth of DAI after receiving messages from affected users.

The DeFi Value protocol was attacked on the morning of November 14 and lost $6 million worth of crypto assets. For the attack, the hacker used the popular DeFi tool-quick credits. Affected by the hack, users began to write messages to the hacker in the comments on ETH transactions. One of the allegedly affected users wrote:

“I lost $100,000 during your attack. I’m a nurse. This is all my savings. I hope you will return them to me. Everyone gets sick. Think of the nurses who take care of you when you’re sick. I wish you to always be healthy and enjoy the happiness of the world. God bless you.”

In his response, the hacker noted that “so many people are devoid of knowledge and careless, so sooner or later this money will still be lost.” However, it returned 50,000 DAI to the affected user. The hacker then transferred 45,000 DAI to a user who claimed to be a student who had lost $200,000 of his family’s savings in the hope of earning a high income.

The developers of the DeFi Value protocol also approached the hacker and offered him to keep $1 million worth of crypto assets as a reward for the discovered vulnerability and asking him to return the rest:

“Hint taken! Obviously, we weren’t as knowledgeable as we thought. How about $1 million as a reward, and you will return the remaining DAI back to our affected users? We have a plan in place to compensate everyone affected by the issue in our community, and this will speed up the process.”

However, apparently, the hacker decided to keep almost $6 million and not agree to the proposal of the protocol developers.