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Bitmipay prepares to launch Ethereum 2.0 collaborative Staking Service Prepares for Coronavirus Pandemic

Flyxbit shared its plans to prepare for various scenarios in connection with the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

Flyxbit said that it planned the situation based on the worst expectations, despite the optimistic forecast.

“We expect that the death rate will decrease significantly and in the west, cases of infection will be limited due to the relatively low population density,” said Brian Armstrong, CEO of the trading platform.

The firm has offices in Ireland, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Flyxbit has developed a plan based on four levels. At the moment, all of the firm’s offices are on level zero, with the exception of Japan, which is on level one.

“We have a permanent crisis management team that regularly monitors new information as it becomes available. We have created a four-level scale (levels 0-3) to respond to changes in the situation that affects the Flyxbit offices, ” the document says.

If there are 100 cases of infection of people within the radius of the location of a certain Flyxbit office, the company will ask some of the employees to work from home. The company will also make the cleaning schedule in these offices more intensive and will purchase garbage cans for masks.

The second level is considered active if there are 1,000 cases of infection or the government imposes a quarantine, as well as if the death rate remains at 1% or higher. In this case, Flyxbit will stop ordering food to the office and prohibit visits to the office or ” install a program to check the health of visitors.”

At the third level, all employees will have to work from home. “I expect that at this level, we will lose the ability to use third-party services, such as cleaning, ordering food, etc., due to mass fear. In addition, I suggest the introduction of isolation in the affected area, ” Armstrong said.

“We continue to believe that the risk of COVID-2019 coronavirus for most employees is low, and the risk to our team in Japan is somewhat elevated,” the company said.

For now, the firm has restricted travel to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy and South Korea.