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The authorities of the Chinese province of Yunnan have restricted miners ‘ access to electricity

Chinese journalist Colin Wu reported that he was contacted by several miners from Yunnan province, who were restricted access to electricity.

According to Wu, on November 30, the provincial authorities sent out a request to local energy producers to limit the supply of electricity to miners. Note that Yunnan is the third province in China in terms of mining operations.

Against the background of restrictions on the activity of miners in Yunnan province, the hashrate of the Bitcoin network decreased by 10% per day – from 140 Eh/s to 125 Eh/s. At the same time, according to Wu, the ban on electricity supplies is caused by “local economic interests.”

“Do not overestimate the impact of this ban. The attitude of provincial energy companies to miners in China changes very often. This is about economic interests, not a political solution, ” he said.

In early June, it was reported that the authorities of Yunnan province closed 57 mining farms, as they did not have the necessary permits to operate.