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CoinShares: during the week, institutional investors invested $1.3 billion in crypto assets has made it easier to buy cryptocurrencies with Visa and Mastercard cards

Users of the Bithabl cryptocurrency exchange were able to directly purchase digital currencies using Visa and Mastercard cards.

According to CoinDesk, referring to the platform’s press release, previously users could already buy assets using Mastercard and Visa cards, but were redirected to a third-party portal.

Visa cardholders in most European countries and Australia, as well as Mastercard cardholders in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Australia will be able to use the simplified cryptocurrency purchase option.

The service will be provided by Bithabl Technology, the Gibraltar-based regulated division of Bithabl Global.

Earlier in October, Bithabl Global added support for the euro, the British pound and the Australian dollar.