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The US district of Delaware paid hackers $500,000 in BTC

The US district of Delaware paid hackers $500,000 in BTC

The information systems of Delaware County in the US state of Pennsylvania were attacked by the DoppelPaymer encryption virus. The county authorities paid the hackers $500,000 in BTC.

In a statement, the district authorities stressed that the hackers did not gain access to the voting system, as well as to the emergency response systems. However, part of the infrastructure was affected by the virus, so it was decided to pay the hackers a ransom.

“Delaware County recently discovered a malfunction in some of its computer systems. We immediately launched an investigation into the incident and took certain measures, including disabling some systems. Computer security experts were invited to investigate the incident to determine the nature and extent of the hack. We are working to restore the functionality of the systems, ” the statement says.

According to local journalists, the hackers gained access to police reports, various payrolls, purchase data and other databases. To get the passwords, the hackers used the open-source Mimikatz utility.

Interestingly, after paying the ransom, the attackers advised computer security specialists to change all passwords in information systems, and also gave advice on setting up a Microsoft Windows domain to protect themselves from the Mimikatz utility.

Earlier it was reported that the DoppelPaymer encryption virus attacked the infrastructure of the Taiwanese laptop manufacturer Compal. Hackers requested $17 million in BTC for decrypting the files.