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Bank of America: "asset managers are advised to buy bitcoins»

Bank of America: “asset managers are advised to buy bitcoins»

Bank of America has presented its monthly Global Fund Manager Survey, which assesses the sentiment of asset managers. It turned out that buying BTC was the third most popular tip.

As in November, most investment advisers preferred investing in technology stocks. However, if in November 65% of respondents supported the purchase of this asset class, in December – only 52%.

But in December, 18% of asset managers immediately called for selling US dollar stocks and investing in other assets. 15% of respondents advised buying bitcoin, compared to 4% in November.

At the same time, only 3% of respondents believe that in 2021, bitcoin will be the most profitable asset. The indicator even dropped by 1% compared to the November survey. The vast majority of fund managers expect emerging markets to show significant growth next year.

The survey was conducted between December 4 and December 10. It was attended by 217 asset managers, who control a total of $534 billion of client funds.

Recall that, as shown by a recent survey of the mining platform Genesis Mining, the majority of American retail investors do not believe in the growth of the bitcoin exchange rate to $50,000 by 2030.