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EXMO exchange attacked by hackers and suspended the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies

EXMO exchange attacked by hackers and suspended the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies

Russian-language cryptocurrency exchange EXMO has suspended the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies due to a hacker attack on hot wallets. The exact amount of damages was not disclosed.

EXMO security specialists have detected suspicious activity related to the withdrawal of large amounts of BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, ZEC and ETC. Therefore, it was decided to suspend withdrawal operations. In
the message about the attack contains a list of addresses from which crypto assets were withdrawn.

Later, it was confirmed that the exchange’s hot wallets were indeed subjected to a hacker attack, but the amount of losses is not yet specified. Maria Stankevich, Director of Business Development at EXMO, said that this incident does not pose a serious threat, since only 5% of the total number of crypto assets on the platform is on hot wallets. Stankiewicz said the exchange’s cold wallets were not affected. EXMO has assured its customers that all losses resulting from the hack will be fully covered from the exchange’s special fund.

The management of EXMO published the addresses of wallets that could be involved in the hacker attack, and also appealed to other cryptocurrency exchanges and services to block all accounts associated with these wallets. CEO of EXMO cryptocurrency exchange Sergey Zhdanov
I wrote on Twitter that the exchange’s employees managed to track down some of the stolen cryptocurrencies moved to the Poloniex exchange. He also said that the London Police are investigating the incident. EXMO advised users not to make transactions to the exchange’s wallets until the problem is resolved.

This month, Exmo received a temporary registration from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which will allow the exchange to operate legally in the United Kingdom until July 9, 2021.