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The OKEx exchange suspended the withdrawal of assets due to the ongoing investigation

The OKEx exchange suspended the withdrawal of assets due to the ongoing investigation

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has suspended the withdrawal of crypto assets due to the” unavailability ” of one of the holders of private keys. On this news, the BTC rate dropped to $11,200, and the OKB price fell to $4.8.

OKEx Exchange CEO Jay Hao)
he said on Twitter that all operations on OKEx, except for the withdrawal of funds, are carried out in normal mode, and users ‘ funds are safe. The withdrawal of all cryptocurrencies will be available as soon as the private key holder can authorize transactions. Without his participation, the withdrawal of assets from exchange wallets will not be confirmed.

Hao explained that the absence of the key holder is related to the investigation conducted by law enforcement agencies, but it is related to the personal issues of this person, and not with the exchange. Against the background of this news, the BTC rate fell from $11,500 to $11,200, and the value of the internal OKEx token (OKB) fell from $5.8 to $4.8.

Partner of the venture investment firm Primitive Ventures Davey Wan (Dovey Wan)
she wrote that the investigation is being conducted by the Chinese police. Beijing-based journalist Colin Wu)
he suggested that it may be related to money laundering, so centralized exchanges are “in a dangerous position”.

In turn, the co-founder of the portal 8btc Red Li (Red Li)
he reported on the appearance of rumors that more than 800 accounts were found to be involved in money laundering on a “certain” exchange. Six hours before the OKEx management statement, 1,180 BTC, 50 million TRX, 21,000 ETH, and USDT worth about $13.9 million were withdrawn from the exchange.

Recall that last month, the Chinese police began investigating the activities of an over-the-counter cryptocurrency trader due to participation in a transaction with $73,500. It is assumed that the funds initially received were deposited on the OKEx exchange.