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The gas station of Shenzhen started to accept the digital yuan

The gas station of Shenzhen started to accept the digital yuan

Eleven gas stations in Shenzhen have started accepting the digital yuan. Payments can be made using the mobile app without the need for an internet connection.

According to Economic Information Daily, eleven gas stations in China’s Shenzhen technology hub are now accepting the digital yuan, China’s state-owned cryptocurrency, which is in the final stages of testing.

Since October 13, the state organization Guangdong Petroleum has joined the testing. Citizens can scan a unique QR code at gas stations and pay for services through a mobile app. According to the publication, citizens note that the transaction passes without problems and takes only “a few seconds”. The payment system is available for all services, from refueling to buying any retail goods at gas station kiosks.

To increase the availability of payments, the digital yuan app uses “dual offline mode” technology. Users can make any payments even if there is no Internet connection. This is different from the current system used by non-cash payment apps like WeChat, which require an internet connection to operate and charge transaction fees.

Guangdong Petroleum said this month the digital yuan payment app will start working when paying for services at 110 gas stations in Shenzhen. Recall that recently in Shenzhen was launched
pilot program to promote the digital yuan. The city held a “free lottery” for 10 million digital yuan.