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Fisco accuses Binance of failing to prevent the laundering of stolen BTC exchange has added the possibility of staking cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of a program of passive earnings on staking. Currently, EOS, Atom from Cosmos and VSYS, the V Systems platform token, are available for staking. CTO Paolo Ardoino also announced that Tezos will join the list in May.

“Over time, users will be able to earn from staking each token that offers,” he added.

Staking is another opportunity to make money on cryptocurrencies in addition to trading. According to Ardoino, for the VSYS token, the annual yield can reach 10%, for other cryptocurrencies, this figure is in the range between 1.5% and 8%.

He also added that the exchange chose EOS for the reason that it is one of the largest block producers in this network. Cosmos and V-Systems, in turn, are two of the most popular coins for staking.

To earn rewards, users do not need to perform any additional actions: the coins that are on their user’s wallets will be used in staking. The exchange will provide their storage with its own custodial solution.

Recall that in March, delisted 87 trading pairs due to their low liquidity.