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Crypto Exchange raffle 50 BTC between users

Crypto Exchange raffle 50 BTC between users

Tokenized Asset Platform For the third time, it will hold BTC Brawl and Bull Rally contests with a total prize pool of up to 50 BTC. Representatives of the crypto exchange told ForkLog about this.

“6.5 thousand traders participated in the previous two tournaments. The total trading volume is $1.5 billion. As a result, 260 people shared the prize of 22.5 BTC, ” the representatives said

The competitions will be held from April 20 to May 20, 2020. To participate, you need to make at least one transaction on the platform. Winners of previous contests can participate in new ones.

The prize pool of BTC Brawl and Bull Rally starts from 1 BTC and grows with the trading volume of participants. The maximum prize pool is 25 BTC for each contest.

In addition, the crypto exchange will award new users a bonus of up to $100 for registering from the contests page. The bonus amount is determined randomly. To get the bonus, you need to authenticate and make three transactions on the platform.

BTC Brawl
Participants receive points for profitable trading operations, and lose points for unprofitable ones. The leaderboard is updated in real time.

Traders compete in three leagues:

League of Whales-trading volume over $1 million;
League of Bulls-trading volume of more than $250 thousand;
Hamster League-trading volume over $1000. distribute the prize pool among the TOP 10 traders in each league:

up to 15 BTC for Whales (4.5 BTC for first place);
up to 7.5 BTC for Bulls (2.25 BTC for first place);
up to 2.5 BTC for Hamsters (0.75 BTC for first place).
The bullish rally
Participants receive points for actions on the platform:

referral commission payment — 5 points for each $1;
payment of the commission by the participant — 10 points for each $1;
referral who made a deal — 100 points;
trading five different assets during the day-from 100 to 2,000 points. it will double the points of those traders who will trade new assets every week.

The prize pool will be divided among one hundred participants with the highest number of points. The maximum reward for the first place is up to 2 BTC.