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Krexbit crypto exchange will present 1111 prizes for deposits and trading volumes

The Krexbit cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has announced a competition for traders with prizes for depositing funds and achieving a trading volume of $1-10 million. The first 1111 registered users will receive the rewards.

Pre-registration starts on December 12 at 15: 00 (Moscow time) and runs until December 26 at 14: 59 (Moscow time). When making a deposit during this period, users will receive vouchers to pay the commission:

from $500 — a voucher for $50;
from $1,000 — a voucher for $100;
from $1,500 — a voucher for $150;
from $10,000 — a voucher for $1,000.
The period of the trader contest: from 15: 00 on 26.12.2020 to 15: 00 on 25.01.21 (Moscow time). Participants will receive prizes for achieving trading volumes:

from $1 million — $100;
from $2 million — $200;
from $3 million — $300;
from $5 million — $500;
from $10 million to $1,000.
To register for contests, you need to fill out a Google form.

Trading pairs with low volatility, such as USD/USDT, do not participate in the calculation of trading volumes. In addition, Krexbit excludes pairs with a ratio close to 1:1 from the calculations.

The contests are open to users with commission levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. A trader can only receive one prize from each category. To do this, the winner will have to pass KYC2. The promotion does not apply to market makers and institutional investors.

Krexbit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with support for spot and futures trading. You can also trade leveraged tokens and MOVE contracts on Krexbit.