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Chamat Palihapitiya: "I am increasing my bitcoin reserves»

Chamat Palihapitiya: “I am increasing my bitcoin reserves»

Billionaire and founder of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, Said that he continues to buy the first cryptocurrency and increase his BTC reserves.

Palihapitiya said that bitcoin is perfect for illustrating a “winner’s asset” that has grown by huge percentages. He stressed that nothing compares in terms of profitability with bitcoin, which he invested in back in 2013:

“Take the time to realize what you own. If you are sure, you can go all-in. This should never happen, but if you are really confident, then you will increase your investment and future interest will not need words. Great investors always focus on big percentages. It is better to own a large part of the winner’s asset than insignificant parts of many assets.”

For 2018, cryptocurrency investments were one of the priorities of Social Capital, but it is not known how many and what cryptocurrencies the company currently owns.

In June, palihapitiya predicted that in The event of a major economic or political crisis, the rate of the first cryptocurrency will soar several times and called bitcoin “insurance” against disaster.