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Bybadex to close unit in Uganda

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Bybadex to close unit in Uganda

Cryptocurrency exchange has announced the closure of a branch in Uganda. The process will take place in three stages and will end on November 28.

The company strongly recommended that users switch to the main platform that can meet their needs. The first stage started on October 28 — the exchange closed registration and deposits in national and digital currencies.

Users can trade tokens and withdraw funds until November 11. On this day, the second stage will be launched, and the last one is scheduled for November 28. After a complete shutdown, the system and accounts will be unavailable. added that the balance balances that are not sufficient to cover the commission will be sent to the

The exchange opened a branch in Uganda in June 2018. The head of, Changpeng Zhao, explained this decision by the desire to spread the cryptocurrency in all parts of the world.

Recall that in October 2020, the trading platform announced the closure of the division on the island of Jersey.