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Jack Dorsey: "Africa will determine the future of bitcoin»

Jack Dorsey: “Africa will determine the future of bitcoin»

CEO of the social network Twitter and cryptocurrency enthusiast Jack Dorsey believes that the future of the cryptocurrency industry will be determined by Africa.

According to Dorsey, despite the development and adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe and America, it is Africa that will lead the industry. After his tour of Nigeria and Ghana, Dorsey said that the African continent is developing rapidly, but is still very poor and this will be one of the main reasons for the adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“I am sad to leave the continent, but only for a while. Africa will determine the future of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. I’m not sure where exactly, but I’ll be living here for about 3-6 months in mid-2020. I am grateful for this experience of visiting even a small part of Africa,” Dorsey said.

He also encouraged people to invest in the first cryptocurrency and come up with new ways to use digital assets. Next year, Dorsey plans to visit almost every country on the continent to promote bitcoin. In total, he will spend about six months in Africa.

Recall that in early September, Dorsey said that bitcoin will continue to spread, but it is too early to call it a currency.