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Bitcoin ABC developers will create a fork of Bitcoin Cash in November

Bitcoin ABC developers will create a fork of Bitcoin Cash in November

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is preparing for separation: lead developer Amaury Sechet is going to launch its own fork of this coin on November 15.

“Bitcoin ABC and Amory Sechet have announced that they will launch their own fork on November 15. We wish them good luck with the new coin and thank them for distributing coins to all BCH holders, ” Bitcoin Cash co-founder Roger Ver wrote on Twitter.

Disagreements arose over the proposal to create a cryptocurrency development Fund, which will transfer 8% of the reward for block mining. The new release of the Bitcoin ABC client number 0.22.1 supports this offer, and the update will be activated on November 15. 42% of nodes are running on this client Bitcoin Cash. Other clients, including Bitcoin Unlimited and BCHN, do not support the offer, accounting for 55% of active nodes.

Another problem is that both forks do not plan to abandon the name Bitcoin Cash. A dispute is brewing, especially since the developer of Bitcoin ABC does not believe that more than half of the network’s nodes work on Bitcoin Unlimited and BCHN clients. To fabricate the number of nodes is very simple, it is enough to clone and start the desired number of virtual machines.

The Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency appeared on August 1, 2017 as a result of the bitcoin blockchain hard fork. It was caused by disagreements in the community over the maximum block size and scaling methods.