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YouTube recognized the error of deleting video content about cryptocurrencies

YouTube recognized the error of deleting video content about cryptocurrencies

A representative of the video hosting company YouTube said that the removal of hundreds of videos on the subject of cryptocurrencies occurred “by mistake”.

“Our resource hosts a huge number of videos, and sometimes we can make the wrong decision. However, if someone pays attention to the fact that the video was deleted by mistake, we immediately restore it. Every user has the right to appeal the removal of content,” he said, adding that there is no additional censorship regarding the topic of cryptocurrencies.

Users themselves, despite the statement of the representative of the video hosting company, still report that many of their videos continue to be unavailable. For Chris Dunn, the owner of a channel with 200,000 subscribers and a long-standing library of materials on the topic of investing, the situation has only worsened. He disputed the company’s previous actions, but the company deleted the content again after restoring it, as well as another video that had not been deleted before.

The community continues to speculate about the reasons for YouTube’s actions. There are a large number of theories. Dunn notes that some of the videos were not related to cryptocurrencies at all. He suggests that this may be due to “malicious denunciations” of him and others, or an error of artificial intelligence, which automatically marks the video as not complying with the rules of the resource.

According to Dunn, his videos were removed for “demonstrating dangerous actions or causing harm”, as well as for “selling regulated goods”, although Dunn did not sell anything and does not monetize content through advertising.

Dunn believes that the deletions may be due to the fact that the content does not bring video hosting profits. The December 10 update to the service’s terms of use States that YouTube may terminate access to all or part of the service if It considers that providing access does not make commercial sense.

Dunn is ready to switch from YouTube to another platform. On Thursday, he said that he has already prepared a farewell video for his channel, but does not publish it yet, because he wants to wait for clarification of the situation. If such drastic measures are taken, the Dunn channel will move to a decentralized platform.