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Google removed the MetaMask client from the Android app store

Google removed the MetaMask client from the Android app store

The team of developers of the cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension MetaMask reported that Google has stopped distributing the client through its Android app store.

“Last week, the MetaMask app was banned by the Google Play team. Our complaint about this was rejected. They claim that we violated the store’s rules, although we did not do so,” the MetaMask development team writes on the social network Twitter.

Google prohibits mining on mobile devices, but the MetaMask client does not mine cryptocurrency, but only provides access to wallets. One of the leading developers of MetaMask, Dan Findlay, stated:

“I really hope that this is just a mistake on the part of Google. The situation is particularly acute due to the recent ban on advertising cryptocurrencies on the YouTube portal. I am very sad about Google’s policy towards decentralized technologies. If people swallow this attitude from a monopolist like Google, then we probably don’t deserve anything better.”

Recall that in February, an expert of The ESET antivirus company Lukas Stefanko found malicious software in the Google Play app store that pretended to be a MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.