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Telegram has no plans to integrate the TON wallet into the messenger

Telegram has no plans to integrate the TON wallet into the messenger

Telegram announced that when the TON blockchain is launched, the project’s wallet will not be integrated into the popular messenger client – it will be a completely separate program.

“During the expected launch of the blockchain, the TON wallet is planned to be made exclusively an independent application, so it will not be integrated into Telegram Messenger. Thanks to this, TON Wallet will be able to compete with any other wallet developed by third-party companies. However, Telegram may integrate the TON Wallet app into Telegram Messenger in the future, but only to the extent permitted by current legislation and regulators,” the statement reads.

The company also stressed the independence of the TON network, saying that it does not plan to develop any applications before the launch of the network, and possibly even after.

“App development will depend entirely on third-party companies that will be able to use smart contracts on TON as they need to,” Telegram representatives said.

The company also stressed that at the moment there are no Gram tokens, so any sales and purchases of them are fraud. Telegram representatives noted that Gram tokens will not be used for profit, as they are not securities, they will not bring dividends, and they will not be used for managing Telegram.

Recall that in early January, the company refused to provide the US securities and exchange Commission (SEC) with information about banking operations, and also asked the court to reject the SEC’s request to provide such data.