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BitMEX added support for the Bech32 address format for BTC output announced plans for interaction between the CeFi and DeFi ecosystems

Bitcoin exchange will allocate $100 million to support the ecosystem of decentralized Finance (DeFi) and ensure its interaction with centralized services (CeFi). This was stated by CEO Changpeng Zhao during The World of DeFi summit.

The DeFi and CeFi interoperability solution is designed to provide synergy between the Smart Chain (BSC) network and the centralized platform

This is expected to provide the following features:

a centralized trading platform integrates its users and assets into BSC through a single account.
users will have access to CeFi and DeFi products on BSC through a single platform;
decentralized application projects (DApps) can be listed on
According to the statement, holders of native BNB tokens will get more rights in managing BSC and additional benefits from staking. plans that the Token Canal bridge project will make it possible to easily transfer tokens from various blockchains to BSC and Vice versa. The solution is also designed to provide secure insured storage of assets and interaction of liquidity on the exchange and BSC.

The exchange intends to financially support the development of the Chain ecosystem by creating a $100 million Fund at the first stage. The initial investor and governing body will be the decentralized BSC community. Selected projects will be able to receive up to $100,000 in funding and qualify for a listing on

Previously, the exchange launched products in the field of DeFi, such as the automatic market maker Liquid Swap and the Launchpool platform for growing new tokens.