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The CoinMarketCap service has launched the Earn training program

The CoinMarketCap service has launched the Earn training program

Information service CoinMarketCap, owned by the Binance exchange, has launched the Earn program for training cryptocurrencies. Users will receive tokens for completing the courses.

Interestingly, the creators of the project chose the same name as the” school ” of Coinbase. Users of CoinMarketCap Earn will be able to view training videos of various cryptocurrency projects, pass a small test and receive rewards in tokens of the project that launched the course. However, the maximum reward for one course of study should not exceed $10.

The first project of the training service was Band Protocol, which develops a data Oracle that can work on multiple blockchains. Users are rewarded with $160,000 worth of BAND tokens.

According to a representative of CoinMarketCap, it is planned to add two projects to the platform every month. The training period will be eight days for each project. Not all users can participate in the training. For example, Chinese and US citizens will not be able to participate due to their countries ‘ regulatory policies.

Recall that a similar program Coinbase Earn was launched at the end of 2018, and in may 2019, it received
access to residents of more than 100 countries.