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India will improve the performance of public schools using the blockchain

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India will improve the performance of public schools using the blockchain

The Minister of communications and information technology of India has instructed the National center for Informatics (NIC) to develop a blockchain-based solution to improve the level of educational programs in public schools.

As reported
Press Trust of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad (Ravi Shankar Prasad) made this request at the Grand opening of the research and innovation center for the development of blockchain, created by NIC in Bangalore. Prasad also noted that the NIC and local governments should open their doors to startups operating in accordance with certain norms.

“I am very interested in how we can use blockchain in primary education. In fact, today I’m going to give you a task, the NIC team. Can you think of a good application of blockchain to improve the level of education in public schools across the country? ” the Minister said.

There are about 26,000 startups in India, 9,000 of which are developing in the technology sector. Prasad called on NIC to create mechanisms to include these startups in its technology space and stated that “NIC can become the main patron of startups in the country”.

Despite the fact that the Indian authorities support the development of blockchain, the country’s cryptocurrency industry is facing great difficulties. Recently, the Supreme court of India rescheduled
hearing on the ban on servicing cryptocurrency companies, introduced by the Central Bank in April 2018. Since the ban was introduced, exchanges have had to adapt to it, and many of them have stopped operating in the country and moved their business to other jurisdictions.