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Apple censored some features of the app

Apple Inc. censored some cryptocurrency features of the app, reports In particular, Apple blocked from adding the ability to earn money using cryptocurrency and access to decentralized Finance (Defi) applications to its iOS app.

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The mobile app of the cryptocurrency exchange is struggling to get approval for some features for iOS. CEO Brian Armstrong spoke in detail about the experience of his company in the relations with Apple Inc. Friday.

“After other companies struggle with Apple’s App Store restrictions, I want to talk a little bit about own struggles. Here’s the problem. Apple has informed us that we cannot add the following features to our iOS apps: (1) the ability to earn money using cryptocurrency, and (2) the ability to access decentralized financial apps (sometimes called Defi apps or Dapps). We tried to discuss this through the usual channels with Apple, and I directly asked the management for a dialogue, but it seems that we have reached an impasse,” he shared on Twitter.

Armstrong criticized Apple for not allowing iOS users to choose to earn cryptocurrency during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

“There are many people in the world who are not covered and do not have access to banking services, who do not have the opportunity to get a loan to buy a home or start a business, so this technology has huge potential to improve the world over time, even if it is too early for this,” the CEO wrote.

He also reported that Apple has banned from providing users on the iOS platform with a list of decentralized apps, claiming that the app “offers cryptocurrency transactions in non-embedded software inside the app, which is not suitable for the App Store.” However, Armstrong argued:

“Dapps or Defi apps are essentially just websites that you can access through any browser. So Apple is essentially saying that you can’t provide users with a list of websites that they can visit through the app.”

Gabor Gurbax, digital asset strategist and Director of Vaneck and MVIS, explained:

“Apple is a company, and the Appstore is their own product/property, not a public enterprise. It often seems that some products and services should be more open or easier to use, but in the end it’s the company/owner’s decision… similar to how decides which tokens to place on its platform.

lawyer Jake Chervinsky commented:

“Apple wants to be your Bank. Defi is bad for business.”

However, the CEO stressed that his company’s iOS apps lack some features that users need, not because his team didn’t implement them, but because “these features are censored by Apple.” Armstrong continued:

“Apple also has a conflict of interest in applying these app store restrictions. While they are ostensibly designed to protect customers, it increasingly looks like they are also protecting Apple from competition.”

“Forcing users to use the App Store instead of Dapps (websites) or IAP [in-app purchases] instead of cryptocurrency payments reminds me of what Microsoft did back in the day (forcing users to use IE if you were on Windows) that led to all their antitrust issues,” the CEO said. Apple, it’s time to stop holding back cryptocurrency innovation.”