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Gavin Andresen: "Satoshi Nakamoto may have misjudged Bitcoin's prospects»

Gavin Andresen: “Satoshi Nakamoto may have misjudged Bitcoin’s prospects»

One of the first developers of Bitcoin Gavin Andresen (Gavin Andresen) believes that Satoshi Nakamoto could incorrectly assess the prospects for creating a cryptocurrency.

Andresen first heard about bitcoin in 2010. He was immediately interested in the idea and soon became the lead curator of the development. In 2013, he “handed over the authority” to Vladimir van der Laan, the Creator of Bitcoin-QT (Bitcoin Core).

Now Andresen questions one of Nakamoto’s assumptions, according to which by 2030, bitcoin will either have a huge volume of transactions, or no one will use it at all. According to Andresen, another medium option is possible – and in 10 years, bitcoin will remain “a niche coin for supporters of the gold standard with approximately the same volume of transactions as now.”

According to information that is known to the General public, Nakamoto sent his last letter to Andresen on April 26, 2011. Then he wrote
the following:

“Don’t present me as a mysterious, vague person. The press will take advantage of this and create an image of a pirate coin. You might want to tell more about the project with the source code and more to praise the merits of the developer – it motivates them”.

The very next day, Andresen publicly announced his intention to hold a lecture on bitcoin at the CIA headquarters. The founder of Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester, draws attention to the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto left the project shortly after these events.

In recent years, Andresen has started supporting other cryptocurrencies. In may 2016, he confirmed
in his blog, he believes in the creation of Bitcoin by Craig Wright, after which he was denied access to the update of the Bitcoin Core repository on GitHub. Later that year, Andresen also stated that Ethereum would eventually outgrow Bitcoin.