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Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone have tested the blockchain for payments for roaming

Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone have tested the blockchain for payments for roaming

Telecommunications companies Telefonica (Spain), Deutsche Telekom (Germany) and Vodafone (great Britain) have completed a pilot project to test the blockchain when calculating roaming payments.

The solution developed by the startup Clear should reduce costs for telecommunications companies, provide faster profit calculation and provide more efficient calculations of transactions and workflows between companies. It allows you to get an annual report on roaming discount calculations in minutes and report data discrepancies between different parties in real time. After that, you can instantly update the data in the system for all participants.

“Negotiating roaming discount agreements is a complex, expensive process that often involves mistakes. With the Clear solution, operators can seamlessly interact with the partner ecosystem, which is critical in the growing 5G ecosystem. We anticipate a significant increase in operator interaction, ” said Johannes Opitz, Vice President of commercial roaming services at Deutsche Telekom.

Companies that participated in the pilot testing of the Clear solution are calling on their partners to connect to the system in order to provide automatic roaming calculation and improve operator interaction.

“With the introduction of new, more sophisticated technologies such as 5G and IoT, and even more radical innovations in roaming systems, digitalization is reaching a new level. Vodafone believes that the blockchain will help to cope with this, and its use will lay the Foundation for further innovation. The Clear solution is a convincing demonstration of the advantages of blockchain, ” said Sherif Bakir, CEO of Vodafone Romaing Services.

In may, it was reported that the Chinese telecommunications company China Telecom is integrating blockchain into 5G systems to improve the efficiency of revenue distribution, billing and payments.