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Registration of crypto-debit cards will be available to Europeans in August

After unveiled its plans to launch a cryptocurrency debit card segment last week, It officially unveiled its Card to users from the UK and European countries.

According to the release, the debit card allows owners to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency in more than 60 million stores in 200 regions of the world. Users will also be able to easily convert their crypto assets to Fiat.

At the time of launch, the card will support four cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins (BTC), own token (BNB), Swipe (SXP), and linked to the dollar of the stable BUSD currency. Cardholders will be able to top up their wallet directly from their point wallet.

Card processing will start in August
Interested users in Europe will be able to apply for a card starting in August, and users from the UK will be able to apply soon after. As for users in other territories, the company said they can register through the website. claims that its bitcoin card works like a regular debit card, unlike competing products that charge upfront and require users to convert their crypto assets into Fiats manually before making payments or transactions.

Speaking about the development, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of, noted that this step will promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, while making it easier for people to use cryptocurrency.

“By providing a real way to make transactions, convert and spend cryptocurrencies for everyday use, we are advancing our mission to make them more accessible to the masses. Allowing users to convert and spend their cryptocurrencies directly with merchants around the world will make the process of crypto purchases smoother and more flexible,” he said.

Purchase Of Swipe
The card uses Swipe, a Visa debit card platform that was officially purchased by for an unknown amount last week. Both firms plan to work together to bridge the gap between Fiat and cryptocurrencies to further promote the spread and adoption of digital currencies.

“We look forward to making the card available to users in other regions, as well as introducing new features to expand the use of the card through our partnership with Swipe,” Zhao concluded.