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Visa activates the development of projects in the field of cryptocurrencies

Visa activates the development of projects in the field of cryptocurrencies

Payment giant Visa plans to double its efforts to “shape and support the role of cryptocurrencies in the future of money” and will soon announce new projects.

According to the article
according to Visa’s blog, three key goals will now be at the head of the firm’s strategy towards digital currencies. The company will support reliable data protection standards, remain independent of the specific network and cryptocurrency, and cooperate with cryptocurrency projects whose principles are consistent with the company’s goals.

Visa, which has already become a bridge between the cryptocurrency industry and traditional Finance for many merchants, believes that its digital currency partnerships are crucial to preserving the legacy of “six decades of innovation.”

“Harnessing this legacy over the next decades requires constant innovation and collaboration with the public and private sector,” Visa States.

The company mentioned its cooperation
with Coinbase and investment in cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage. Visa also stated that its research group had an impact on the cryptocurrency projects Zether and FlyClient.

According to a blog post, Visa is working directly with politicians and non-governmental organizations to “help establish a dialogue” on the issue of digital currencies, including developing the concept of a state-owned cryptocurrency. More announcements regarding cryptocurrency projects will appear in the coming months.

Recall that in may, Visa filed
a patent application for a “digital Fiat currency” that will have the advantages of cryptocurrencies, but will be issued by a”centralized authority”. In addition, last summer, Visa launched a blockchain-based payment service for corporate clients, first announced in October 2016.