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The Waves project created the Waves Association with its headquarters in Frankfurt am main

The Waves project created the Waves Association with its headquarters in Frankfurt am main

Waves Association was established in Frankfurt am main on January 31. The Association includes representatives from six countries: Portugal, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Russia.

This structure will unite the blockchain platform and all key projects of the Waves ecosystem, as well as determine priorities and directions for further development of the ecosystem itself.

The mission of Waves Association is to develop and provide next-generation technologies that will create trusted digital environments and decentralized ecosystems for organizations to collaborate. The organization aims to accelerate the implementation of the Web 3.0 paradigm around the world. To do this, the structure intends to stimulate research in this area, including allocating grants for the development of the waves technology stack.

“In order to achieve faster and more widespread adoption of the Web 3.0 paradigm, we decided to combine the capabilities and efforts of all members of our community. This is a major step towards improving the efficiency of the Waves ecosystem. Thanks to the Association, we will be able to significantly increase the number of developers and users in the near future, and we also plan to attract crypto enthusiasts who develop other technologies and solutions,” waves founder Alexander Ivanov said.

The Association will collaborate with universities, research centers, businesses and government authorities both in Europe and around the world. In the future, the administration plans to implement the principles of management of a decentralized Autonomous organization for submitting and reviewing initiatives, making decisions, stimulating the community, and other procedures for maximum transparency and decentralization.

“I joined the Waves Association, and I think my experience will be useful in making decisions about the future development of the platform. We have a lot in common with Waves, I invested in Waves Platform on the first day of the ICO, and I continue to support all ecosystem projects” ” said mark Jensen, Professor of software development for distributed and mobile systems at Linneus University.

Waves Association was established as a non-profit organization
charitable organization that operates in accordance with the tax code
Germans. The Association will focus on socially useful goals, such as
how to develop science, conduct research in the field of information technology
technologies, creation of modern SOFTWARE, conducting educational programs
programs for professional retraining.