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Hackers threaten Google AdSense users and demand a bitcoin ransom

Hackers threaten Google AdSense users and demand a bitcoin ransom

Users of the Google AdSense service have started receiving messages from hackers demanding a ransom in bitcoins, or they will make the service block users ‘ accounts.

Hackers claim that they can direct a significant amount of automated and” garbage ” traffic to AdSense ads that are exposed by users, which will lead to automatic blocking of accounts in the service. Accordingly, this can lead to financial losses for site owners and companies.

“Soon you will see a warning about blocking on your AdSense page. This will happen because we will send the same traffic to your ads from thousands of IP addresses, which is a real nightmare for AdSense users. Your account will be blocked, and unblocking usually takes at least a month. But even if it is unblocked, we have all the resources to ensure that the ban is repeated, and it will become final, ” the attackers threaten.

In order to prevent this from happening, hackers demand a ransom of $5,000 in BTC. Krebsonsecurity specialists contacted Google representatives and it turned out that such threats appear quite often.

“Although such threats have already appeared before,in practice they are extremely rare. In addition, we have certain algorithms that prevent such sabotage,” Google representatives stressed.

We will remind that recently hackers compromised five law firms in the United States and demanded from each of them two ransoms of 100 BTC: one to restore access to data, the other to delete their copy and non-disclosure.