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Craig Wright accused Bitcoin Core developers of using its intellectual property

Craig Wright accused Bitcoin Core developers of using its intellectual property

Claiming to be the Creator of Bitcoin, Australian Craig Wright is threatening to prosecute the developers of Bitcoin Core, accusing them of encroaching on its intellectual property.

In his blog, Wright writes that bitcoin forks can legally function under the open SOFTWARE license of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), but copying its database (blockchain) is prohibited.

“Since I alone am the Creator of bitcoin, I also have all the rights to its registry. Other developers have the right to take my software as a basis and release alternative versions of it. But they can’t change the Protocol using the underlying database, ” he wrote.

According to Wright’s statement, developers of Bitcoin (Bitcoin Core) and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC) use its database without permission. The entrepreneur himself is engaged in the development of the Bitcoin SV project. He has been trying for a long time to attribute the creation of the first cryptocurrency to his merits, but he can not provide any evidence.

“Everyone who copies the bitcoin system, keep in mind, I am very friendly, but until lawyers get involved in the case,” he says.

The MIT license that Wright refers to allows you to use the SOFTWARE without restrictions if the developers mention its original name.

In its statement, the Australian entrepreneur also claims “database rights” in Europe and the UK.

“As the Creator of bitcoin, I have rights to the database in the European Union and the UK. In a distributed global collaboration, senior partners of Core and ABC groups who live in Europe and the UK can be sued without restrictions on jurisdiction, ” he wrote.

At the same time, he calls the miners “agents of his network”, who must work according to his rules. If someone does not agree with the rules, they can create their own cryptocurrency.

“You can contact me and agree to continue using selected copies of my network with certain restrictions. In other words, I want to license the Bitcoin database, and on my own terms,” he said.

Wright has been trying to claim the rights to create Bitcoin for a long time. In may last year, it reached the official level by trying to
register the copyright to the White book and the Bitcoin code in the United States in your name. The attempt failed, as the copyright Office reported that their authority did not allow them to recognize the authorship of the applicants who applied to them.