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The Digitex derivatives exchange was the victim of a massive data leak

The Digitex derivatives exchange was the victim of a massive data leak

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Digitex reported a major data leak. The fraudster turned out to be a former employee of the exchange, who received e-mail and other information from more than 8,000 customers.

“We confirm that this is not a hack from outside, but an internal security breach. The attack was organized by a former employee who had a conflict of interest with the company,” said Christina Comben, head of communications at Digitex.

The identity of the attacker was decided to hide. According to preliminary data, information about exchange users was stolen around February 7.

“The hack was carried out by an insidious and savvy former employee who wishes evil to our exchange,” writes
Digitex in its blog. – This person was able to get information about our users and hijacked the company’s Facebook account to publish the data.”

The exchange administration could not immediately access the account and quickly react to the situation by deleting the posted message, or comment on the events. She blames the social network for the” slow and unresponsive ” work of the support service.

Digitex CEO Adam Todd reports that he is not aware of the exact amount of stolen data. The attacker was in good standing with the company and was trusted, so he had access to confidential information.

“He took part in telephone conversations and heard a lot of confidential information. When such a person begins to act against your interests, it is very dangerous, ” Todd said.

As reported
Decrypt, the exchange’s user data is also published in the Telegram channel. “I have on hand all the identification documents of every client who used Digitex Treasury, from the day of its creation,” wrote the attacker, who calls himself “Digileaker”. According to him, we are talking about “documents, addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and other similar information.”