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China will launch a full University course on blockchain

China will launch a full University course on blockchain

The Ministry of education of China has given permission to the Chengdu University of information technology to launch a full-fledged educational course on blockchain. Admission of applicants will start this year.

The course on blockchain for engineers will allow you to keep up with the constantly changing trends in the social economy and Informatization and meet the demand of the industry for such specialists. When developing the curriculum, special attention was paid to the subjects of designing systems based on blockchain, as well as project management and implementation.

The program will also allow future specialists in the field of blockchain to gain skills in computer science and technology, as well as to study the theory of blockchain and methods of developing projects based on distributed Ledger technology.

At the end of last year, the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) conducted the first certified course on blockchain. The course was held for students of the faculty of computing Sciences and was organized at the request of the non-profit organization Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF), which promotes the accelerated implementation of blockchain in various areas.