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Canadian steelmakers will track steel deliveries using blockchain

Canadian steelmakers will track steel deliveries using blockchain

The government of Canada has invested in two blockchain-Peer Ledger of the company and Mavennet to develop a platform for monitoring the supply of steel.

As part of the government’s ISED initiative, companies were allocated 150,000 canadian dollars each. The money will be used to develop a blockchain platform that will track all stages of steel deliveries.

In 2018, Canada delivered 13.4 million tons of steel. On the delivery tracking platform, you will be able to view all the necessary data in real time. The platform will provide the national steel industry with a convenient tool for tracking supplies. In addition, it will help make production more sustainable and eco-friendly.

“The canadian steel industry has an opportunity to introduce a new, advanced approach to the supply of steel and materials. This goal can be achieved through a strict industry-wide mechanism for tracking supply chains and increasing transparency, ” they noted
representatives of ISED.

ISED has previously allocated
Mavennet funds for the development of a blockchain system for tracking steel supplies. In addition, last year, Mavennet received
investment from the us customs Department to develop a system for tracking oil and gas supplies from Canada.