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Unstoppable Domains launched a decentralized Protocol for storing messages

Unstoppable Domains launched a decentralized Protocol for storing messages

The startup Unstoppable Domains, which develops uncensored sites based on the blockchain, has launched a decentralized Protocol “Unstoppable Chat” (dChat) for storing and encrypting messages.

According to the developers, thanks to a peer-to-peer network and end-to-end encryption, dChat will ensure user privacy. Unlike regular messengers, dChat allows them to encrypt and store messages on their own servers. In order for the user to fully control their messages, dchat must be integrated with their cryptocurrency wallet and peer-to-peer networks (P2P). To connect to the chat, the private key of the Ethereum wallet will be used.

The co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, brad Kam, said that integration with the cryptocurrency wallet will provide maximum privacy and guarantee that no one can access the chat except the user. To increase anonymity, the user can create a separate wallet to store their domain. Cam emphasized that dChat is designed for secure storage of data and messages, even if the user is blocked from accessing an application based on the dChat Protocol.

If the app is deleted, the user will not lose access to their account and messages. In addition, if necessary, they will be able to delete chats from their account themselves. The head of Unstoppable Domains added that after the Protocol is launched, the chat will only be available for browsers, but in the near future it will be possible to use it in mobile apps. Unstoppable Domains has already secured the support of myetherwallet and imToken wallets, which are planning to launch their own application using dChat.

Given that the new Protocol offers an increased level of privacy, it may attract the attention of various regulatory authorities. First of all, they may be interested in whether the project complies with the rules on combating the financing of terrorism (CFT), and what measures developers take to prevent the publication of illegal content on the Internet. Recall that the canadian messenger Kik is considering the possibility of completely closing the application due to pressure from the us securities and exchange Commission (SEC).