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Study: rising unemployment in the US has changed attitudes to bitcoin

Study: rising unemployment in the US has changed attitudes to bitcoin

A study by the Tokenist company showed that since 2017, the public has noticeably changed its attitude to cryptocurrencies. This is especially noticeable against the background of increased unemployment in the US.

Researchers note that now there are more than 20 million unemployed people in America, and the attitude to bitcoin has changed:

“The results of the polls are striking. We found that people know more about bitcoin and are more confident in it. At the same time, we are talking about respondents of all age groups. Especially among Millennials, 45% of whom today would prefer to invest in bitcoin, rather than in stocks, real estate or gold.”

According to the Tokenist survey, 47% of respondents trust bitcoin more than large banks. In 2017, more than 80% of respondents trusted banks. In addition, 43% of respondents (and 59% of Millennials) believe that most people will use bitcoin within a decade. 44% of Millennials said they will buy bitcoins within the next five years.

“The data shows that bitcoin has a bright future ahead of it. It will benefit even more from the current financial crisis. Confidence in traditional investment tools is declining, and bitcoin offers investors an alternative, a long-term means of storing wealth, ” the researchers note.

The founder of the startup River Financial Alex Leishman (Alex Leishman) said that interest in cryptocurrencies is also spurred by the actions of the us Federal reserve with unprecedented injections of money into the economy.

In a study conducted in April, the Tokenist staff interviewed about 5,000 people. After that, the data was compared with the results of eToro, BlockChain Capital and the BankRate website.

In early June, Fidelity Investments conducted a survey of 774 European and American companies. According to its results, 36% of firms invested in crypto assets or cryptocurrency derivatives.