Cryptocurrency news froze the accounts of users from China froze the accounts of users from China

The exchange’s management was forced to accept a number of changes to its rules due to pressure from the EU and Chinese authorities.

The Chinese authorities strictly take the cryptocurrency market on the territory of their country under control, the reason for this was the launch of an internal electronic currency. A meeting was held in Hebei province, where it was decided to attract 19 companies to participate in testing the digital yuan, including such giants as Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, managers are doing everything possible not to lose customers in China.

One of the founders of Tryton refrained from answering questions, but said that: “We will fight for every suspended account, we will not face any legal proceedings due to illegal actions by the Chinese authorities. Users did not lose access to the exchange, but they lost the ability to withdraw funds on their territory. All funds will be saved until the end of the proce