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Agharta hard fork was held in the Ethereum Classic blockchain crypto exchange is preparing to launch its own token

According to the information that has appeared, crypto exchange, the leading American cryptocurrency exchange, is preparing to launch its own token.

In a new interview on the Unchained podcast, Fortune senior reporter Jeff Roberts says the news that the exchange is preparing to list on the stock market is not surprising. He is more interested in the probability that the firm can issue its own token along with the initial public offering (IPO).

“When I recently spoke with Fred Ersam, one of the co – founders of crypto exchange, he hinted that what the exchange is working on is issuing tokens. So I think this could be America’s first combined ICO and IPO, and it would be very cool.

according to Roberts, the IPO and initial coin offering (ICO) will likely create certain regulatory problems for crypto exchange.

“It would be a bit unconvincing if they just arranged an IPO in conjunction with an ICO, but from a regulatory point of view, it’s all complicated. I mean, are they going to sell tokens to accredited investors and then, you know, sell ordinary shares to the public? Or they can force the SEC to approve some kind of token issue […].

I am sure that no matter what happens, they will hold on to this offer very tightly, because the leak of this material will simply anger the regulators and could jeopardize the launch of tokens.”

It is reported that crypto exchange plans to become the first crypto-exchange that can go on the exchange this year.