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Lemon Baird: "In 2021, interest in blockchain will increase»

Lemon Baird: “In 2021, interest in blockchain will increase»

The technical director of the Hedera Hashgraph project, Leemon Baird, expressed confidence that next year the interest in the blockchain will increase even more.

According to Baird, the whole world is now exploring the benefits of distributed ledger technology. Many companies realize that the use of blockchain can bring many benefits, reduce costs and provide security in a wide variety of areas.

“This year I have seen a constant interest in blockchain. And I think this trend will continue next year. I am not one of those who think that this year everything was bad, and in the future it will be good. I think we’re already seeing blockchain being taken seriously. People are beginning to realize that blockchain is really a worthwhile thing, and are investing in the technology. Large organizations are starting to use it for their business, ” said Lemon Baird.

CTO Hedera Hashgraph believes that the blockchain industry is now at an early stage of development, and in the future it will grow exponentially.

In May, Hedera Hashgraph joined the Board of Governors of the Hedera platform.
University College London (UCL). The university is interested in joint research on blockchain, conducting experiments, as well as in the practical application of the technology in various industries.