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Study: Satoshi Nakamoto could lead to the development of Bitcoin in London

Study: Satoshi Nakamoto could lead to the development of Bitcoin in London

The suggestion that Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was British is not new. However, Doncho Karaivanov (Doncho Karaivanov) conducted his own investigation, confirming this idea.

Karaivanov analyzed the time of publication of Satoshi’s materials, his use of regional colloquial expressions and spelling of words, and also noted the fact that the headline of The Times edition used in the first block of the Bitcoin network belongs to the English printed version of the newspaper.

It is the use of a headline from The Times newspaper, according to Karaivanov, that clearly indicates that Nakamoto worked on Bitcoin in London. In the first block of Bitcoin, there is the phrase “The Chancellor is on the verge of issuing a second bailout to banks” – this headline was used in the British print version of the newspaper.

In the online version, the official’s name was used instead of “Chancellor”, and in the American version, this note was not at all.

“Combined with the fact that London is the largest financial center in the world, this suggests a high probability that Satoshi lived in London between 2008 and 2010,” the researcher concludes.

Also, Satoshi’s activity on the Bitcointalk forum, the time of the emails sent by him, and the code published on SourceForge coincide with the British time zone. Although, this is a rather weak proof. But the possibility that Nakamoto lived in Japan or Australia is “almost impossible, unless he was a vampire.”

Note that the film company Substantial Films planned to release a film about Satoshi Nakamoto called “Decrypted” at the end of this year, but the coronavirus pandemic made adjustments to the studio’s plans.