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Aqua Security: "most attacks on cloud servers are committed for cryptocurrency mining» is ready to add support for Telegram tokens (Gram) to its custodial service

Cryptocurrency is ready to add support for Telegram tokens (Gram) to its custodial service
By Artem Norilov -12: 55 | 10.10.2019
One of the largest US cryptocurrency exchanges,, today published a list of new digital assets that it intends to add to its Custody service. Among them is the potential cryptocurrency Telegram Open Network Gram (GRM). Custody plans to support secure storage of Telegram Open Network( GRM), Solana (SOL), and Orchid (OXT) at the time of launch of the respective networks. More and more networks are launching their own tokens, which is why institutional investors have a critical need for secure storage of each new asset. Coinbase Custody solves this problem by providing a secure and trusted custody solution for these new assets at launch, ” the company says.

Earlier, crypto-custodial firm Anchorage, which is also one of the first partners of the Libra project, announced its readiness to support Gram storage for its customers after the official launch of the main TON network.

Despite the fact that Telegram has published the rules for using the wallet to store tokens of its blockchain project, there is still no official confirmation of the launch of the TON project and the release of the Gram cryptocurrency on its basis.