Cryptocurrency news offered to extend the discussion of the proposal on verification of wallet owners

The largest American crypto exchange has submitted a request to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the US Treasury Department to extend the period for collecting public comments on proposals for verifying users of non-custodial wallets from 15 to the standard 60 days.

FinCEN offers to apply increased identification requirements for outgoing transactions in the amount of $3000 or more. Companies will have to notify the agency directly about transactions over $10,000. The regulator intends to provide for the impossibility of circumventing the rule by breaking the transaction into several smaller parts.

In a letter dated December 21 to service director Kenneth Blanco, lawyers called for a review of their approach to this issue, which is “disappointing” given the previously “productive” working relationship with FinCEN.

“The 15-day deadline covers Christmas and New Year’s and pre-holiday days at the height of the global pandemic, leaving just a few actual business days to comment on. We have never seen such a hasty effort for such a significant change in our industry, ” the letter reads.

In the post, mentions that the answers to the 24 questions covered by the proposal will require detailed technical analysis and extensive cost estimates. The firm’s lawyers also called for a balance of client confidentiality to be taken into account, as the proposed reporting requirements mean the transfer of information about the identity of users to the regulator.

“There is no emergency here. We see only the imminent end of the term of office of the administration, which is trying to bypass the necessary public consultations, ” believes.

Recall that the US authorities intend to take such a step and are preparing a “parting gift” for the crypto industry before Donald Trump leaves the post of president, CEO Brian Armstrong said in November.

In his opinion, if such a proposal is accepted, users will begin to turn to unregulated platforms, and the situation itself threatens to lose the US status of a financial center.

Earlier in December, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire in his address to the Ministry of Finance stated the need to cooperate with representatives of the blockchain industry in the development of regulatory requirements.