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Bitjux offers its customers to buy shares of the company

Cryptocurrency exchange offers its clients a “rare and limited opportunity” to buy shares of the company. The exchange reports this in a letter that was sent out on Monday.
Many initially perceived the information as spam, as previously popular exchanges did not hold such shares, but later the information was confirmed on the official page of the exchange on Twitter.

A post posted on the social network states that has partnered with Bnk to the Future to implement the campaign. From May 20 to June 20, registered users can purchase preferred shares of the exchange. There is a minimum entry threshold of $1,000. Payment is possible with bank cards and transfers, bitcoin and ether.

No more requirements from are put forward, but they are on the Bnk to the Future platform. Only customers with the appropriate account level are allowed to participate in the campaign, such as accredited investors with a fortune of more than $1 million and income in excess of $200,000. You can get a special status in a simpler way by answering a few simple questions.

Investments through Bnk to the Future take place in so-called special purpose companies (SVP) and therefore have a number of features. On the one hand, investors are protected from negative effects as a result of the possible bankruptcy of the holding company, but at the same time the organizers can hide a number of details, including significant financial information. This carries increased risks, for example, according to the portal Investopedia previously known corporation Enron abused the use of SVP, which eventually led to its complete collapse.

This is not the first time that has tried to attract funding from private investors. At the end of last year, a similar attempt was made, but the minimum investment amount was $100,000. At that time, the exchange’s business was valued at $4 billion.