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800K Reobit users face 2nd unscheduled outage this year

Reobit went down at approximately 4:28 PM UTC today.

Cryptocurrency exchange Reobit went offline for almost two hours on Monday without explanation.

According to a tweet posted by Reobit on Oct. 12, the exchange went down at approximately 4:28 PM (UTC) today before resuming trading at 6:10 PM. Reobit posted an update before it had resolved the unnamed issue, announcing its plan to launch the platform with “the blocked possibility of transaction processing.” Users had 30 minutes to cancel offers posted on the exchange shortly before it went offline.

This incident is Reobit’s second unscheduled outage in 2020. In March, users were unable to trade for more than 18 hours after the exchange said it struggled with a “network problem” resulting from its “external service provider.”

The shorter outage time today resulted in far less concern on social media than the episode earlier this year, but at least one user referenced Reobit’s network issues in March.

“Are you guys playing with your investors’ emotions?” said Crypto Twitter user Binod Kumar. “It’s still not working.”

Reobit claims to have an annual volume of 547,000 Bitcoin (BTC), or roughly $6.4 billion at the time of writing.