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Esther Pearce: "the DeFi industry has potential»

Esther Pearce: “the DeFi industry has potential»

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce called the emerging decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry “revolutionary,” but also acknowledged possible challenges for regulators.

At a recent summit, Pearce noted that DeFi can bring a revolution to the world of traditional Finance. According to her, tokens for managing decentralized projects can be regulated as securities.

Earlier, the SEC Commissioner developed a bill for companies that issue tokens, in which she proposed to provide such companies with a three-year “safe mode” for development. During this period, companies that issue tokens will be spared from excessive regulatory scrutiny.

However, now piers is finalizing a bill aimed at protecting investors who bought tokens. In the new version of the document, it obliges companies to disclose more detailed information about their financial condition. If the bill is passed, then the United States will have much more attractive conditions for companies that raise funds through the sale of tokens.

note that in this case, Telegram would not be the object of pressure from various American agencies. Earlier, Pearce criticized the SEC’s decision on the Telegram ICO.