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Mike Novogratz spoke about how his participation in the TON project was disrupted

Mike Novogratz spoke about how his participation in the TON project was disrupted

The founder of the Galaxy Digital cryptocurrency trading Bank, Mike Novogratz, in an interview with The Block, shared details of how he almost became an investor in the Telegram blockchain project.

“Initially, I was very doubtful. All my boys hated them. The White paper was terrible, but at some point I woke up and wondered what I was talking about. This project is headed by Pavel Durov himself, who is known all over the world. What kind of white paper can we talk about? Who needs it at all, because it’s open source software. Immediately after these thoughts, I decided to call. We talked for a long time and after a certain time I said: “Look, I know that the first round was closed, you were selling tokens for 37 cents.“ During the second round, Gram was sold for a dollar and a quarter. I thought it was ridiculous and I said: “how can this be, because your company is worth four times more””.

then the interviewer asked how Novogratz found out the contacts of the organizers of the ICO TON. After all, other investors also wanted to become participants in the campaign, but many were left out of business. The founder of Galaxy Digital answered this question as follows: “They called me 15-20 times and tried to lure me into this venture. I kept saying that my guys didn’t want to be part of it.”

After 3 weeks, Novogratz changed his mind and decided to join the project, but it was too late. “When I approached them, they said,’ Mate, I can’t help you.’ I can’t say I was very upset. I found the situation funny because it was the first time I had encountered rejection. This indicates the maturation of the cryptocurrency industry. Previously, you could even go to projects that are already closed, because we have a big name. However, this time it was different. I was going to write a huge check from myself and a big investor, but the guy said he couldn’t accept more than the limit. “I’m happy to give you more in the second round,” he said.

Novogratz added that he will be happy to watch the development of TON, because enough time has passed since the tokensale and the market has already experienced a strong drop.

“I admire watching the development of Telegram, because they have 280 million customers. It will be interesting to know what they will offer and how quickly people will Start using it,” novogratz said.