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Bithumb exchange launches platform for Russian users

Bithumb exchange launches platform for Russian users

The South Korean exchange Bithumb is entering the Russian market. As part of its global expansion strategy, Bithumb Global is launching a trading platform for Russian-speaking users with support for all services in Russian.

Founded in 2014, Bithumb is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Now the number of registered users on the exchange reaches 8 million, its mobile app is used by about a million people, and the total volume of transactions currently exceeds 1 trillion US dollars. More than 300,000 unique visitors come to the Bithumb Site every day, and the average transaction volume per day exceeds a billion us dollars.

“Russia is one of the world’s largest economies and an important investment market. Many Russian investors who trade bitcoins have been working on the crypto market since the first years of its existence, ” says Javier SIM, co-founder and managing Director of Bithumb Global. “This is why Russia was one of the first countries to launch our global expansion.”

Bithumb is used for 59.19% of the total volume of transactions in BTC in the South Korean market, which is about 15% of the global market. The maximum daily volume of transactions on the exchange exceeds 7 billion us dollars.

One of the features of the Bithumb Global platform is the possibility of stage investment (Staging). This is a safer and more reliable way to support young blockchain projects than initial exchange offerings (IEO). Unlike exchange-based tokensales, Staging allows investors not to invest Fiat or cryptocurrency assets in tokens of little-known projects. Instead, they place a bid denominated in tokens or cryptocurrencies as a sign of their interest in the project. The bid will provide them with the opportunity to receive a reward in the form of project vouchers, which will be distributed among investors randomly at the end of the stage. Vouchers can be exchanged for project tokens and at the same time receive the delivered tokens or cryptocurrency back. Javier SIM notes:

“Thanks to Bithumb Global, Russian-speaking users will be Able to get access to high-quality projects listed on Bithumb Global, including Russian ones, and to strong local communities. I see great potential in this market.”

The goal of Bithumb Global is to provide the international market with channels of interaction with the active Bithumb community, innovative financial services and advanced technologies used on the exchange, such as, for example, an improved order matching mechanism based on its own patented technology and advanced algorithms, as well as optimized UX / UI.

Bithumb Global is currently launching the “Bithumb Global partner program”. The program allows regional players to participate in the work of local Bithumb Global exchange platforms. The criteria you need to meet to become a global partner of Bithumb will be strict and selective. Benefits for Bithumb Global partners include support from Bithumb Global, exchange of liquidity and order books, the ability to launch projects that will be promoted by all Bithumb Global partners, as well as additional benefits.