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Bittrex International suspended service in 31 countries

Bittrex International suspended service in 31 countries

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex International has suspended service to traders in 31 countries, including Venezuela.

The list of blocked regions includes Asian, African and European countries: Afghanistan, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, CAR, Congo, ivory coast’Ecuador, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Yemen.

This decision was made by the Maltese division of the American Bittrex exchange. The exchange has notified users that from October 29, 19:00 UTC, they will not be able to access their accounts and perform trading operations. Representatives of the exchange asked traders to withdraw funds before this date, while the exchange did not name the reasons for the suspension of activity.

It is worth noting that due to us sanctions, Venezuela has become more loyal to cryptocurrencies, in particular, to bitcoin. The country is actively implementing the state digital currency Petro, linked to oil. In September, trading volumes in Venezuela increased by 48%, and in early October, the Venezuelan exchange CriptoLAGO, together with the investment Bank Glufco, began developing a debit card with support for BTC, ETH, DASH and Petro.